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Acting Coach

"Listen. Accept. Offer"  - Keith Johnstone

"Without an audience, there is no theatre"

- Viola Spolin

"Investigate human nature and have fun at the same time -Meryl Streep"

Acting Style

 I have a depth of teaching experience from pre-school to vocational level and work with performers to instil confidence through technique. I produce emotionally intelligent, adaptable actors and story tellers that consistently work in film, Tv and theatre.  

Acting professionally since graduating from LIPA in 2008 I have a diverse range of both teaching and acting experience and encourage a pragmatic understanding of acting techniques emphasising commitment to acting choices and play.


I provide professionals and students with: 

  • Confidence in public speaking .  

  • Sight/ cold reading skills.

  • Monologue preparation for Castings, Acting Representation and Auditions for Drama Schools.

  • Character work, acting range and 'reacting' honestly. 

  • Freeing the voice, Speech clarity.

  • Practical knowledge on the acting craft and industry.

  • LAMDA examinations.

  • Specific styles and practitioners e.g Meisner, Uta Hagen, Improv (enquire for specifics)

Fees and Locations

Private coaching

Sessions are tailored to suit you ( usually 30 or 60 mins), situated in a central Bath based home studio, online or home visit. 

Please contact to discuss fees.

Please email here for further enquires or call Tel: +447732132131

Thanks! Message sent.

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